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How to Turn Your Boring 2D Stock Photo into 3D With LeiaPix AI

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This free AI tool animates your images and brings them to life

If you’re creating content on the internet you want to stand out from the mass.

An attention-grabbing featured image is crucial.

Unfortunately, I often see the same pictures over and over again.

As a marketer and brand manager, when I’m thinking of creating ads, promo banners, or other content for social media, I also often have to use the same static stock photos of the brands and products I’m working for.

But what if you could turn a static 2D photo into an animated 3D image?

Let me show you how I turn this Dreamstime stock photo into an animated image:

photo credit: Dreamstime

This free AI tool animates static photos

With the free AI-powered LeiaPix Converter, you can grab any image and drag and drop it into the window.

photo credit: LeiaPix Converter homepage after signing up for free

Then you let the AI process the image and within seconds it has added an awesome animation.

What I love is that you can also tweak the settings: you can zoom in, isolate an object, brand, or product and decide how much effect you want to insert into the photo.

On the left, you find Settings you can choose from…

photo credit: LeiaPix Converter toolbar on the left

Animation length:

You can increase the length of the animation by up to 6 seconds or set it slower.

In my opinion, 3 seconds is good.

Animation style:

You can choose the style of the animation: horizontal, circle, wide or tall circle, vertical or perspective.

Amount of motion:

Increase or decrease the amount of motion.

You can decide whether you want the animation to move more or less.

photo credit: LeiaPix Converter toolbar on the left

For me regular is just fine.

Focus Point:

You can set a focus point — focus on the center of the image, go closer or further away.

Edge Dilation:

You can control the amount of edge dilation in the 3D image.

In my opinion, it doesn’t have much effect.

Advanced Editor and Depth Map:

In addition, you can delve into settings even further with the Advanced Editor and Depth Map.

Download your 3D image:

Finally, if you want to download the image LeiaPix gives you a number of options.

If you click on Share you can directly share it via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

You can also save it to your device as GIF, MP4, or even Facebook 3D.

photo credit: LeiaPix Converter; the Share button allows you to save or share your work

Et voilà!

Here’s my animated 3D image:

photo credit: Dreamstime; animated with LeiaPixConverter

Bottom Line

LeiaPix AI is an excellent tool for converting any image into a stunning 3D image.

With a little practice, you can create amazing 3D images that will make your content stand out from the crowd.

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