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How To Use Google’s Helpful Content Update To Rank Better On Google

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Write for people and get rewarded.

Google completed the rollout of the “helpful content update” in September 2022.

This update disrupts the everyday content marketing efforts of many bloggers and content creators.

I’ve heard from several creator friends that their website content now ranks better. Others told me their traffic is at an all-time low because of the latest update.

However, for Google search users, this is good news.

It’s “part of a broader effort to ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results.”

For content creators, it means Google raised the quality bar. We need to adapt and create people-first content or we’ll lose.

Google’s helpful content update = better quality

With the “helpful content update” Google is shaking up the search playing field.

The search engine is weeding out poor and repetitive content together with low-quality websites as well as AI-generated content.

For creators, this means the overall content marketing efforts need to get better.

But how?

Let’s dig a bit deeper into Google’s official Webmaster Guidelines.

What content creators shouldn’t do (anymore):

If you want to ensure your content is successfully performing with Google's latest update, don’t create content that…

  • aims to hit a specific word count and read time.
  • isn’t adding any value and isn’t answering the query.
  • isn’t original content. This means content that is summarizing or regurgitating.
  • is solely created to attract search users.
  • builds content mills.
  • is created with extensive automation that hinders.
  • doesn’t keep the user experience in mind.

What content creators should do to create “people-first” content:

They need to…

  • work with Google not against it.
  • produce content for people. It needs to be helpful and add value.
  • show their expertise to become a credible source.
  • become an authority in the field they are creating content about.
  • create search-engine-friendly content to rank better.
  • clean up their content as part of the SEO strategy.
  • deliver a satisfying experience.

SEO is people

Some of my content creator friends also shared with me that if they check their stats they see their websites are constantly growing.

One even told me that some of his content now even ranks #1 on Google.


Because they adapted their content marketing strategy to Google’s latest update and also always have been strictly following Google’s official Webmaster Guidelines.

In fact, Google’s update rewards them for their helpful and valuable content!

One creator told me:

“Content marketing is people. All things Google is people. Always write for people. Answer questions and add value.”

From my experience as a Marketing manager (and former consultant), I know that the new update definitely rewards those who have been investing a lot of time in people-centered content.

Final Takeaways

Google’s update is a part of their ongoing journey to improve the user search experience.

The ultimate aim is to weed out the bad apples from the good ones so that the search results are nearest to the user’s search intent.

That’s why creating people-centered content is now more important than ever.

Plant your seeds now, stay on that course and you’ll harvest later.

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