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How To Use The Same Headline For 3 Different Posts ?

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Repeat your success and see results.

Last week, I came across a story by Victoria Kurichenko.

I follow Victoria because she’s a marketer and SEO writing specialist.

SEO-friendly writing is so important these days.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to optimize content to rank high in search engines.

I get my Medium stories constantly ranked on the front page of Google.

Victoria even gets her website ranked on page #1 and earns up to $900 on Medium. So she knows some things.

In one of her latest stories, she teaches a strategy for using the same headline over and over again which really inspired me.

She figured out that effective headline writing requires you to…

  • analyze your most successful headlines and
  • tweak them a little — without sounding repetitive or boring.

Here are 3 fresh, exciting variations of one successful headline:

#1 "I Launched a Niche Website a Year Ago--Here is What I Achieved" (July 2) - $170
#2 "I Launched a Niche Website a Year Ago--Here's What I learned" (July 9) - $190
#3 "I Launched a Niche Website a Year Ago--Here's What Happened" (August 7)- $100

As Victoria shares in the comments:

I’m thinking of writing the 4th article with the same title :)))) ahhahahah

Key Message: You can use parts of the same headline for different stories. Simply tweak your successfull headline a little to see results — without sounding boring.

I’m curious. What do you think about this strategy?

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