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How To Win Your First 500 Followers On Twitter In 90 Days

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and increase your views on Medium by using Twitter the right way

WOAH! 500 followers on Twitter🐤. That’s an awesome mini-success.

Many thanks to all of you who follow me on Twitter, Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles, Burk, VRITANT, Britni Pepper, Nikki Waterson, Monoreena Acharjee Majumdar to only name a few.

screenshot by Kristina God

I think most of you, I’m following back too.

In case, we’re not connected yet or you don’t know where to find mere. Here’s my Twitter handle for you @_KristinaGod:

My Top 2 Tips & Tools:

#1 Amplify your Medium stories on Twitter.

Three months ago, I’ve started taking Twitter seriously and I’ve gained 500+ followers within this time period.

  • I tweet every written story on Medium or retweet posts by others.
  • My feed is always filled with inspiring posts and if I see something I want to retweet, I just do it.
  • Moreover, when I read an inspiring sentence on Medium from a story I love (and the writer is on Twitter) I highlight it and tweet it.

#2 Use Twitter Analytics

The marketer in me loves data and I strongly recommend listening to your data too.

Twitter Analytics looks like this:

screenshot by Kristina God

In regard to Impressions, for instance, my Top Tweets are news about the Medium Writers Challenge.

screenshot by Kristina God

Here’s the article which included top insights by T. Mark Mangum (because at this point nobody — except the winners — knew when the announcement of the (Grand Prize) winner/s will take place).

Moreover, you can track the engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, and much more with this handy tool:

Proof: Sharing your story helps increase your external views

It wasn’t my goal to reach XY followers within XY months.

I just realized that it’s worthwhile to amplify my stories and share them on Twitter as well.

That’s what Ev Williams (also co-founder of Twitter) suggests:

Promoting your articles on other social media platforms too. The more the better.


There are people who also share their work on Facebook, LinkedIn or Quora. This tactic is pretty smart.

Sharing your stories helps increase your external views.

As you can see in this example of a post with 9K views that went viral (viral=meaning 1k+ views):

screenshot by Kristina God

It’s an article about Quora’s new passive income system which could make you a millionaire in the (near) future.


8.5K (93%) are external views!

External views = How many times your story has been viewed from non-Medium sources in the selected time period, including social media, search results, email, and more.

Unfortunately, you don’t get paid for external views on Medium BUT you get paid when a user becomes a member within the next 30 days.

That’s important to know.

My story made only $1 with Medium members. Then suddenly it made around $6.

This means $5 comes from users converted into Medium members.

My next step: Hypefury

I’m an avid follower of Top Writer Nicolas Cole.

He tweets around the clock.

How does he do this?

His secret is, he uses Hypefury — A personal assistant to grow and monetize your Twitter audience.

I will try it for free in November and will share my insights with you.

Why it’s smart to use Hypefury:

  • it automatically retweets your best tweets after they’ve gone live
  • you can easily write threads
  • you can automate your Twitter audience growth
  • it automatically plugs your digital products (newsletter, course, etc.)under your best tweets

Here’s the growth tool:

Final Takeaways

Joining Twitter as a second social media platform is definitely worth it.

You can share your Medium posts and promote them on Twitter.

Twitter seems to be an important tool in Medium’s business strategy as well.

  • The announcement of the winners of the Medium Writers Challenge took place on Twitter.
  • Recently, Medium has launched a new feature that makes it easy to discover other writers you follow on Medium.

Here’s to the future of Twitter and Medium.

© Kristina God

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