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How To Write 2 Articles Per Day Part-Time Without Using ChatGPT

  • 2 min read

I have about one to two hours per day.

People often ask me how I can be so disciplined and prplific when I have a family, a child in the house, and am pregnant.

Well, I don’t write with ChatGPT. haha

I love the process of writing and I enjoy every second of it.

Writing in the evening is my non-negotiable tiger time. It makes me happy and improves my mood after a long stressful day.

I have about one to two hours per day.

Here’s how I write 2 articles per day:

  • I write a rough outline
  • a loose heading
  • sections with ideas
  • I fill the gaps and let the words flow
  • I edit on another day
  • I leave my article in the drafts folder and when I have up to 5 articles I add pictures

My motto: Better done than perfect. If I’m super sleepy, I often simply try to put words on a page.

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