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How Writing Online Can Massively Level Up Your Life In A Year

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Freelance writing gigs, guest blog posts, and much more.

The most interesting things just happen on the other side of your comfort zone. Michael Hyatt

I love to envision a better tomorrow.

So, let’s fast forward 1 year.

It’s December 31, 2022.

Your entire life has changed.

  • In 2022 you’ve written more than you’ve ever written in your life.
  • You didn’t quit your day job, but you managed to build a successful side hustle in the evening. You write about topics you’re passionate about.
  • You dedicated at least 15–30 minutes to writing every day. At least in form of a short form piece of 150 words.
  • You’ve built momentum and your hula hoop is spinning and spinning.
  • You’ve created a library of content.

All this didn’t happen overnight. But little by little and day by day.

You’re proud of yourself.

Your life has drastically changed within the course of 12 months — you have changed from the inside out.

Learn more about your three major changes.

Change #1: You don’t overthink and over-edit your work anymore

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You love to practice and experiment in public.

You know that you learn best through trial and error is your greatest teacher.

You know that overthinking is self-inflicted pain and that you can’t predict the outcome of your work.

You don’t drive yourself nuts anymore and wonder whether your thoughts or ideas are any good.

You just go with the flow and write your thoughts down. Hit publish and share your stories with the world. This feels soooooo gooood.

You take action with a relaxed mind, instead of overthinking and over-editing your work.

As famous YouTuber Ali Abdaal says:

Produce, improve, repeat.

Change #2: You’ve become a better writer

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Your text has become shorter and crisper.

You avoid putting multiple ideas into one sentence.

You avoid unnecessary words.

You use subheadlines and easy-to-consume paragraphs with bullet points.

You are thankful that your readers give you a fraction of their time and at least scan it.

You’ve learned to write catchy headlines you’re readers can’t help but click on.

Not only your articles and posts but also your emails, direct messages, and presentations are easy to read and scanable.

#3 You’ve unlocked a new level of opportunities

made with Canva by Kristina God

By building a (daily) writing habit you’ve started to build momentum.

Your hula hoop is spinning and no one can stop it.

Out of a sudden, you’ve unlocked a new level of opportunities

  • People offer you freelance writing gigs.
  • You coach other writers and share your knowledge.
  • Readers who loved your work have become subscribers.
  • You’ve met and connected with other awesome creators and unique voices.
  • Your earnings on Medium have increased exponentially.

Final Takeaways

made with Canva by Kristina God

When I look back at who I was a year ago, I can hardly believe it.

I’ve covered so much ground.

My secret? Consistency. This has given me powerful motivation to show up each day and built my library of written content with 476 published stories:

My unbelievable outcome:

  • I’ve received several (freelance) job offers.
  • I’ve started my coaching business and help writers in 1:1 sessions
  • I’ve started my own Writing Kickstarter Bootcamp for (new) writers.
  • I’ve received several guest blog post offers.
  • I’ve earned $4.5K+.
  • I’ve gained 250+ newsletter subscribers.

Don’t be afraid. If I can do it, you can do it too!

© Kristina God

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