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How You Can Clap 100+ Times For A Story

  • 4 min read

3 updates on Medium and one funny bug

‘A software bug is an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways’ Wikipedia

I’ve discovered four changes on Medium — one of them is a funny software bug.

1. New Rules

A few days ago the Medium team updated their Rules regarding plagiarism, misinformation, articles about cryptocurrency, and so on. Here you can read more about it.

2. Improved Tag Functionality

Moreover, Product Manager Tatiana Colligan announced on the official Medium Blog that they improved their tag functionality in order to make the customer experience better.

So-called ‘tags’ are keywords you can add to your story. As a writer, you are allowed to include up to five tags so your followers and (potential) readers know what your story is about.

screenshot by author Kristina God

Once published, these tags appear at the bottom of your story. In this case study, it’s my article ‘Mother’s Block — Shouldn’t You Be Writing Right Now?’ with the related tags Writing, Writing Tips, Success, Parenting, and Psychology.

screenshot by author Kristina God

At the bottom of the story, you can click on a tag, e.g. ‘Writing’, in order to see similarly tagged stories on the pub you’ve published your article.

In my case, it’s The Writing Cooperative.

screenshot by author Kristina God

Moreover, you can dive deeper by clicking on ‘More on Medium’ in order to see the so-called ‘tag page’ with its features such as the number of published stories and writers with this tag, the ‘latest’, ‘top’ and ‘popular’ articles e.g. a post by Ellen McRae.

Additionally, you can discover a list of ‘Top Writers’. In regard to the tag ‘Writing’ it’s, for instance, Shannon Ashley, who I follow too.

screenshot by author Kristina God

For more information click here.

3. A New Algorithm

Furthermore, Tatiana announced the biggest change. It’s behind the scenes.

‘a new algorithm powers the list of presented stories. This new algorithm sources stories from a much wider range of authors than before, which will allow more new and existing writers to get discovered and find their audience.’

4. New App Experience

A few days ago Medium launched an App update that provides a new customer experience towards a more ‘relational’ platform.

Among other interesting new features, Savi Singh announced on behalf of the team:

  • At the top of the home screen, you see the tags you are interested in. By tapping on a tag you can discover related stories and writers.
screenshot by author Kristina God
  • If you follow other writers, e.g. Kristina Segarra Floyd Mori Rejoice Denhere Terry Mansfield (who I can highly recommend), you can stay up to date on what they’re publishing. Additionally, you can see a small or large story preview and tap right into it. Moreover, you can dive deeper and explore other interesting writers as well.

For more information click here.

5. You Can Clap More Than 50 Times 🙂

It’s a bug — but on a mobile device with the Medium App, you can clap more than 50 times. LOL.

For instance, Tom Fenske and David Rudder recently published engaging stories and I clapped 100+ times.

PS: I’ve already informed Medium about the funny bug and I’m sure they will fix the error soon. But try it! It’s fun and there are so many stories for which I would love to clap more than 50 times. 😋

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