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How You Can Make A Quantum Leap With Your Writing This Year

  • 2 min read

and why you should stop watching Zulie Rane videos.

Maybe I should quit watching Zulie Rane videos.

100 views on a piece feels so aspirational to me.

one of my boot campers and new writers said the other day.

My recommendation: Stop watching Zulie Rane's videos if this makes you feel depressed. Don’t stress eat and cry.

Just overcome your fear. Your fear of failure. Your fear of not being enough. Your fear of the future.

The harsh truth:

You will always be able to find an excuse to not keep going.

A mental technique that does the trick:

Close your eyes for a moment.

  • Inhale and exhale.
  • Travel through time with me.
  • It’s one year from now and…

you gained 100 views with one article and more. You did it and I’m high fiving you.

Act as if you already have it!

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