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How You Can Rank On Page One On Google With Your Medium Post (Even As A Beginner)

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Yeah! I made it once again. So can you!

In fact, 87% of American search engine users prefer Google. Google is the number one search engine on the internet. It’s super powerful!

Did you know you can dominate the search results on Google with your stories?

Medium’s high Domain Authority does the trick.

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority or DA is a prediction as to how strong a website is in the eyes of Search Engines.

It measures how likely your new article will rank high on Google.

Medium as a well-established brand has a Domain Authority of 95.

This means Medium is on the level with mega brands such as Facebook or Amazon.

Additionally, when you write on Medium your stories are more likely to rank on page one than on any other blogging platform!

Newsbreak, Telfeed, Simily, or Vocal can’t compete with Medium in regard to their super high search engine ranking score.

When you write on Medium your stories are more likely to rank on page one than on any other blogging platform!

How to rank on page one on Google?

Google knows Medium is a trustworthy source.

By using the right keywords in the title, subtitle, and body of your article you can rank on page one on Google.

Here’s the proof:

Here’s one of my latest stories How To Use Substack’s New Chat Feature in one of Medium’s biggest publications, Better Marketing, on page 1 on Google and…

my YouTube video about the new feature right after Substack’s own videos:

When I saw this great success today, I did my happy dance just like Snoopy in the snow!

If you want to rank on page one on Google with the help of a bigger publication then it’s doable!

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Door #2 of the Medium Advent Calendar

Keep in mind: Content is king!

No domain authority and big publications with thousands of followers can save you.

A Google search result is a product. Its main goal is to deliver the most comprehensive and detailed story to the user.

If your story isn’t user-friendly written, provides lots of value, and has the answer to the search query, it won’t rank, no matter what.

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