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How Your Non-Medium Friends Can Read Your Stories

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Usually, non-paying members have access to only up to 3 locked articles per month.

Many writers are missing out on the chance to gain more views and reads.

⚠️Because they don’t utilize Medium’s most powerful promotion tool — the Medium friend links.

What’s the Medium friend link?

In essence, the Medium friend link allows anyone — even non-paying readers without a Medium membership — to read member-only content for free.

I use the Friend link often, particularly for my husband.

He then often forwards my stories to his friends.

Non-paying members have access to up to 3 locked articles per month.

Medium’s founder recommends sharing your friend link on other socials — the more the better

Medium’s founder EV Williams suggested:

“Promoting your articles on other social media platforms too. The more the better.”


Because sharing your stories outside of Medium helps you increase your views.

Whenever you share a link directly via Medium, it’s a friend link!

Here are some case studies:


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