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Hype-Content Calendar For February 2023

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Forget about Valentine’s Day. Why not write about the humorous holiday Singles Awareness Day and other special days?

When you’re in the middle of creating your content for February 2023, hear me out.

Let’s create content differently this month.

Be more strategic and use hyped days to gain more traffic.

By using Awareness Days as a hook for your stories you can generate more views, reads, and money.

I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day.

Here are some special days and weeks to write about in February 2023:



Awareness Days are a powerful tool

With over 15 years of experience as a PR consultant and Marketing Manager, I know how powerful these Awareness Days can be for your content.

Step 1: Pick 1–3 days that are important for you.

Step 2: Write an engaging story.

Step 3: Pitch your story to one of Medium’s biggest publications (if the topic fits).

Step 4: Get published and join the conversation!

Create your own Awareness Days

You didn’t find a topic that fits your interests? No worries!

Why not create your own Awareness Day or Week to get your word out about your (niche) topic?

Let me give you a WOW-worthy example:

She was broke and went from an unpaid side hustle to a 6-figure empire.

In an interview, the mother of 5 (!), Andrea Olsen, shared, that one of her keys to success was to create an Awareness Week around the topic she wanted to raise awareness for:

How to get your baby out of diapers at a very early age, using a special intuitive method to put him on the potty.

Andrea helps parents potty train their kids. By doing so she doesn’t only help other families but also the environment.

She saved 10,000 in diapers just for her family alone.

So for her “Go Diaper Free Week” she picked a week that made sense. April 25 to 30.

It’s the week after Earth Day.

Pick a week when nothing else is going on!

For anybody who wants to create his or her own Awareness Week or Day, it’s crucial to dig a bit deeper on the official Awareness Weeks website.

official Awareness Weeks website.

I’m curious. Do you cover a specific topic that needs an Awareness Day or Month and why?

Learn more about the power of timely news hooks here:

P.S. You can download a free 1-Month Content Planner by clicking here!

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