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I Built A 5-Figure Online Business But I’m Not Smarter Than You

  • 3 min read

Or more creative or have more time.

New writers often tell me they admire me and what I have built…

but they have no idea how close they truly are to having, achieving, and building what they want for themselves.

In fact, the pandemic changed the way a lot of us view our lives…

We realized that nothing is permanent.

Because, if the past few years have taught us anything, it’s to always expect the unexpected.

For some people, that feeling was terrifying and it paralyzed them…

for others, it motivated them like nothing else in their lives up to that point…

As far as I’m concerned, the pandemic changed how I perceive time and what I’m willing to do with it.

I did not build a 5-figure side gig by calling it quits on my current career as a marketer and redirecting all my time on my side hustle.

I did this over time. Slowly but steadily.

In the evening or whenever I found time in my life as a mom and wife to create the business of my dreams and my own security in these times.

This security will hopefully withstand the economy’s wild highs and lows.

Why not take a second to imagine what that stability might look like for you?

  • Being your own boss.
  • Deciding how and when to work.
  • Spending more time with the family.
  • Having an extra income stream to fully express yourself.

Whatever it is, it’s wonderful and huge because it’s YOURS.

I’m definitely not smarter or more creative than you.

Additionally, as a pretty busy working mom with a toddler running through the house, I definitely don’t have more time than you.

I just have this mindset that keeps me moving forward…

  • I’m willing to put my fear on the passenger seat and get a little bit uncomfortable every single day.
  • I’m willing to fail and keep on keeping on.
  • I’m willing to experiment in public and share my knowledge.
  • I’m willing to let other people show me the way.
  • I’m willing to invest in my skills.

If you say:

YES, Kristina. I also want to take the first step into a life-changing online business. I want more stability and need an extra cash flow.

Then my next program is for you.

From September, 29th to October, 28th 2022, my husband and I will help you to add a new income stream to your business (besides writing on Medium).

In The Online Course Lab, you’ll learn the exact process my hubby and I have been using to skyrocket our online businesses and completely transform our lives.

Click here to save your spot before it’s gone.

So you can finally say “I made it” — because you’re building more security and stability by doing what you love and sharing what you know.

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