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I Can’t Access My 500+ Drafts Anymore

  • 2 min read

How about you?

Friday is the day I batch create.

This is the technique I use to be present on Medium while caring for my toddler or walking at the beach.

I batch-created around 10 short-form posts and submitted them to “The Shortform” and 2 long-form posts.

When I logged into my drafts my heart skipped a beat.

Although I have over 500 drafts waiting to be finalized or published….

I couldn’t access them anymore.

When I scrolled down to the bottom of my drafts side… it stopped.

I started searching for specific titles but Medium only showed me my latest drafts. Around 30.

So I wonder, is this a glitch on my end or do you experience the same?

If you experience the same, I definitely need to open a ticket and write Arthur from Medium’s Help Desk.

🙏Many thanks for your reply!🙏

PS: Oh and here’s more about my technique for endless consistency as a busy working mom:


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