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I Can’t Stand This One Question About Passion Anymore

  • 1 min read

Yesterday, I got an email from a Medium writer asking me how to find one’s passion.

To be honest, I can’t stand the question:

“What’s your passion?”

I think it’s definitely the right question in this day and time and the pandemic triggered a lot of rethinking your whole life and business but…

…oftentimes this question makes people feel uncomfortable because they aren’t trained to rethink their life.

People are trained to become a specialist in one specific field and then stick to it.

I bet, most of you can’t answer this question right now. That’s totally fine.

Better ask yourself:

“What’s something you’d like to spend more time on?”

Time is our most precious good.

If you’re willing to dedicate time to a specific activity then you’re on the right track.

You’ll find your true passion outside your comfort zone.

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