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I Closed My 1:1 Coaching Business And It Feels Awesome

  • 1 min read

Time management for mortals and moms.

You can do anything but not everything.

That’s one of the best sentences I’ve read so far.

It hits the proverbial nail on its head.

F**ck “getting everything done“

In my day job as a manager, I used to be fixated on getting everything done.

The same with my Mommy duties.

For the last past few months, I‘ve also applied this to my side hustle.

However, the unchanging truth is:

I’m not a superwoman, as my dear writer friend Yana Bostongirl recently called me.

I’m a mortal and a mom.

Since my mom is still sick, my toddler as well and my responsibility for my Cohort 2 is over, I’ve decided to close my 1:1 coaching business — for now.

Instead of letting the sense of anxious hurry grow more intense, I’m embracing finitude now.

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