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I Don’t Enjoy Freelance Writing Anymore

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Therefore I quit

It’s one of the biggest goals for so many on this platform:

becoming their own boss, quitting the 9–5 corporate job, and starting their own business.

Most employees fantasize about being a freelancer. To be self-employed and not committed to a particular employer long-term.

Imagine you made it. You earn your living as a freelance creator.

What now?

My fellow writer friend Edina Abena Jackson has it all:

  • she quit her job as a political consultant in 2007 to work from home
  • she set up an online music review magazine and it took off
  • she looked into freelance writing and got hired quite quickly

When the workload increased Edina started outsourcing her work to other freelance writers. Eventually, her company Intrigue Media was born.

A few days ago she announced, she’ll quit.

I Don’t Enjoy Freelancing Writing Anymore

We always strive to turn reality into what we believe will make us happy.

Sometimes wanting something, is better than having it.

It took Edina a long time to figure out why she wasn't happy anymore:

She actually doesn’t want her freelance job anymore!

You have to deal with disrespectful clients

Some clients think that you are desperate for money, they think they can talk down to you whenever they feel like it. No, just no! Edina Abena Jackson

You have demanding and time-consuming projects

I quit my nine-to-five job for the freedom of a laptop lifestyle. Freelance writing doesn’t give me that freedom.

You have to deal with client’s deadlines

I set my own deadlines for projects that I am working on but I don’t want to deal with client deadlines anymore.

I thought I wanted something. But I didn’t. End of story.

Edina’s experience shows that being a freelance writer can lead to unpredictable challenges and downsides.

We tend to believe that our dreams will solve all of our current problems.

Oftentimes we don’t recognize that they will simply create new variants of the same problems we experience now.

As a product manager, I’d love to not work long hours and on the weekend anymore. Spend more quality time with my family.

But as a freelancer this scenario described by Edina Abena Jackson could also happen to me:

At one point, I was working 80 to 100 hours a week, too much, just too much. Edina Abena Jackson

Sometimes we’d be better off dealing with our current problems in the present instead of pursuing some ideal in the future, don’t you think?

I don’t enjoy freelance writing anymore, it’s just that simple.

I want happiness therefore, I quit. Edina Abena Jackson

Final Takeaways and Future

Edina looks forward to focusing on her blogs and writing for content platforms, writing and publishing books, and working on her sister company.

It’s all about creative freedom.

She can pick whatever topic she likes to write about.

With blogging, I have a content schedule but I don’t have to stick to client deadlines and constant demands.

Often, I can take days off and still earn a decent daily income.

At the moment, Edina earns more from blogging for her own blogs and revenue share platforms than from freelance writing.

All the best to you, Edina!

Here’s her story:

Tell me your thoughts!

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