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I Don’t Understand Why Medium Needs A Boost

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Medium’s Boost isn’t ads, it’s good stories.

Recently, Medium veteran Tom Kuegler asked Ariel, Director of Publisher Growth from Medium:

“…WHY we need a boost.”

Ariel explained that all these platforms Tom mentioned do have Boosts too: Ads!

Ad-driven platforms are fighting over our most valuable assets:

  • our attention
  • our eyeballs
  • our time
  • our energy.

With its new Boost system, this platform wants to incentivize personal, original stories — no misinformation, baiting, or doom and gloom.

“We want to be an antidote to the engagement-obsessed information economy, so we have to do it differently”, Buster Benson from Medium added.

Medium’s mission: “Write less, add more value”

Medium wants to become a place where it’s not about engagement and time; it’s about high-quality content.

To make this vision a reality, they need human curation to bring good writing to the surface.

Medium’s Boost isn’t ads, it’s good stories.

Here’s my interview with Medium about the Boost:

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