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I Got 30 New Subscribers Thanks To Substack’s Shoutout Thread

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Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I’m not only writing on Medium but also on Substack.

My strategy to grow?

I started on Substack by republishing some of my best-performing stories then I focused on creating original content.

This helped me to gain around 3,000 subs within 10 months.

The other day I found another awesome way to grow my subscriber base organically.

I got an email from Substack telling me about a shoutout thread.

Spoiler alert: it’s golden.

Immediately I posted it on my YouTube channel to inform others to take advantage of it. Recommend others and introduce themselves.

Within a few hours, I gained 30 new subscribers. I even received several emails with questions about my work on Medium or creating online courses.

So next time Substack offers a shoutout thread make sure to be part of it!

Join my Substack family!

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