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I Got Banned

  • 3 min read

If you get this specific message you have a problem.

“Your account is under investigation or was found in violation of the Medium Rules.”

If you get this message you have a problem.

You have to stick to Medium’s Rules otherwise you can get banned from the platform.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of new writers who don’t know Medium’s Rules.

On Quora, I’ve received several questions in regard to getting banned and I also saw several posts on Medium from writers who received a message from Medium.

No worries. This article got you covered.

Let’s go.

Medium’s Rules forbid the following:

  • Threats of violence and incitement
  • Hateful content
  • Harassment
  • Privacy and Reputation
  • Restricted categories
  • Exploitation of minors
  • Promotion and glorification of self-harm
  • Duplicate Content
  • Spam or Site Misuse
  • Copyright and trademark infringement
  • Ads, Promotions, and Marketing
  • Embedded Content and Collection of Personal Information
  • Cryptocurrency Accounts, Posts, and Publications
  • Paid, automatic, bulk, or non-genuine interactions

Medium tracks all changes to the rules on Github. There you can see how they’ve evolved and get more details:

What Medium says about its rules

That’s what Medium has said about its rules:

Our new rules aren’t simply about preventing harassment. They’re about fostering a place we’re all proud of and want to come to every day to see what’s going on.

Speak freely, comment frankly, and respond sharply. But treat each other well.

The latest update isn’t on the list — yet

Better stop, players in big letters. Woman with a red t-shirt with open mouth.
made with Canva by @kristinagod

On Medium there are players. They are authentic, quality users’ BUT they are playing tricks on us.

There are two types of players:

  • 1st, those who play the common follow-unfollow game.
  • 2nd, those who invite you to play the follow-for-follow game.

I don’t know which type is worse.

But I know one thing for sure: Medium is watching you, players!

In June, Ev Williams has announced to

(a)ccurately reflect(ing) your unfollow actions.

My overall recommendation: Don’t act stupid and get banned.

© Kristina God

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