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I Got My First Email Subscriber From This Awesome Tool

  • 2 min read

Yeah! Here’s how you can grow your email list on autopilot

I know that a lot of Medium writers are on the fence about joining Substack.


It’s writer-centric, you can build and grow an email list of people that want your content and maybe even buy something from you and you can build a more personal connection with your audience.

What’s holding back most of the writers is that growing an email list feels super hard

I already shared some tips and tricks on how to go from zero to your first 100 and then 1,000 subscribers.

It’s doable.

Since I’m in a season of my life in which I can’t put as much time as I’d love into growing my email list, I’m looking for ways to grow it on autopilot.

Thanks to The Sample (a tool I introduced a few days ago) I got my first subscriber on autopilot.

They are promoting our newsletters for us.

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