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I Hate All Those Changes on Medium — Is This You?

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If that’s you, you need to read this because if you’re in for a predictable ride, Medium might just not be your jam.

Remember the old saying, “The only constant is change?”

Yeah, well, they weren’t joking.

Especially not in the digital age, and certainly not on social media platforms like Medium.

Picture this:

  • It’s 2018, and the writing platform Medium is the buzzing new kid on the block. Earnings are flowing in, dictated by the whimsical ‘clap’ that used to be the metric to get paid.
  • Fast forward a tad in 2020, and the beat changed. The clap system? Gone. Writers? Well, they nearly lost their marbles when ‘reading time’ became the most important metric.
  • It’s 2022 and Medium *killed* its distribution system that helped writers to get seen. Writers? Well, they nearly lost their marbles.
  • Fast forward to today, Medium introduced a new distribution system called ‘Boost’ that incentivizes personal stories and first-hand experience, updated the algorithm, and improved the earnings calculation and made engagement an important part of it.

Is it still worth it to pour out your heart on Medium?

There are a lot of writers complaining, getting disheartened, throwing in the towel and/or writing stories such as “Is Medium’s New Algorithm a Joke?” with comments from new writers such as Simply.A:

photo credit: screenshot comment Simply.A

Every year’s got a new twist

Now, I’ve ridden this roller-coaster for about three thrilling years, and here’s the tea:

  • every year’s got a new twist. I mean, if you’re in for a predictable ride, honey, Medium, and the online world might just not be your jam.

Algorithms are like those mysterious DJs at the club — just when you think you’ve figured out their playlist, they drop a beat you’ve never heard.

And it’s not just our beloved Medium.

It’s the entire digital rave party and all the new shiny objects (Mastodon, Threads, X, you name it).

A splash of cold brew for you

Getting it right once doesn’t mean a lifetime of laurels.

One viral hit? Cool. Now, what’s next?

Two months of smashing earnings? Fab!

But what about when the game changes and your go-to strategy needs a revamp?

The stats and earnings of so many fellow writers are down at the moment based on Medium’s latest changes.

Medium is a trendy pop-up store

I always recommend thinking of Medium not as your steady 9-to-5 gig, but as that trendy pop-up shop.

It’s an opportunity — a space to experiment, innovate, and maybe even fail a couple of times.

But it ain’t the be-all and end-all.

What’s the secret sauce then?

# 1 Test in public

Medium is an open platform.

So novice writers can test the water.

#2 Add value

It’s all about added value when writing on Medium.

Try to serve the readers.

You can write about whatever you want as long as you’re adding value to your readers.

#3 Take your time

The fast and easy buck is a lie.

One month to three months of work is not a long time of work in the grand scheme of things…

You learn and grow by doing.

Why providing value is so important

As award-winning podcaster, bestselling author and entrepreneur John Lee Dumas recommends:

Become a person of value.

Instead of being committed to success (for instance, earning lots of money) commit to sharing valuable content.

Providing value will help you improve your writing.

Ask yourself:

What wisdom or knowledge do I have that is of tremendous value for others?

When you add value to the lives of others they’ll thank you with their time, attention, a follow, comment, highlighting or mentioning your story.

Plus, being committed to value ignites your fire, passion, and excitement which will level up your writing too.

In my view, you have to keep on keeping on

On Medium you can test your writing in public, try different topics, build an audience, and finally earn a decent amount of money.

If your goal is to gain freelance clients, get a job as a writer or win coaching clients, Medium is also a great place to be.

Within 20 months on Medium, I went from…

  • zero followers to 6K
  • zero earnings to 1K+ on average
  • zero hits to several hits

Plus, I got offered freelance jobs, became an affiliate, and got brand deals, started a Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp, sold online courses, created my own videos online, won hundreds of coaching clients, and got job offers.

My secret:

I’m committed to becoming a person of value on this platform.

Your value isn’t defined based on the paying customers on Medium, its algorithm, getting chosen for a Boost, but it can grow your own self-worth in regard to writing online.

It can boost your confidence and open new doors with every new story you publish.

To make your online writing business sustainable in the long run…


No, not just your content, but where and how you connect.

  1. Email List — It’s like your VIP backstage pass. No matter where the party moves, your tribe’s right there with you. I love to dance on Substack.
  2. Monetization Medley — Merch, Ko-fi, Buy me a coffee, Patreon, Susbtack, online courses, consulting. Why put all your golden eggs in one basket when the digital realm is an endless Easter egg hunt?

Here’s a nod to all the new online writers out there:

Let’s not just keep up; let’s lead the dance.

Adjust, adapt, and turn every algorithmic twist and change into our very own tango.

To date, Kristina God has written more than 1,700 stories on Medium — learn from her mistakes and lessons on YouTube:

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