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I Joined The Elite $100 Club After 5 Months On Medium

  • 1 min read

With a little help.

Oftentimes people ask me how long it takes to finally get into the $100 Club.

Unfortunately, it’s an “elite” club of only 6–8% of Medium writers.

When I started on Medium in December 2020, I didn’t know about this threshold.

My husband told me stories about Tim Denning making hundreds of thousands… so I thought I could make some money too.

Guess what..?!

When I hit publish, I only heard crickets and earned pennies.

What a bummer!

Then in May 2021, everything changed and I received an email telling me I would have made $100 on Medium.

What? I thought to myself. This must be a mistake.

It wasn’t.

Medium helped me to get into the $100 Club by rewarding me with a bonus payment.

Gosh… I hope bonus payments will come back!

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