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I Like “Why Medium Is Opting Out Of AI”

  • 2 min read

But I still worry about the future of Medium

Most writers don’t know that Medium’s CEO, Tony Stubblebine, recently chatted in the “Equity podcast” from TechCrunch about the future of AI.

The title of the podcast was “Why Medium is opting out of AI”.

Stubblebine emphasized that Medium is an exclusive place for human stories and AI shouldn’t be trained on them.

However, I see a lot of “AI diarrhea” (as I call it) inside Medium’s ecosystem.

Let’s say garbage AI writing without any editing.

It feels as if a flood of spam is hitting us.

This makes me wonder about the future of AI on Medium, I’m not alone. Actually, I’m in good company. I get asked this question a lot. Especially from new writers (who try to game the system).

I asked top writers Zulie Rane, Sinem Guenel in our interview:

“What d’you think about the future of AI on Medium?”

Here’s what Zulie and Sinem said:

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