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I Make Already More Than $3,000 As a Part-Time Newsletter Writer

  • 2 min read

And you can do it too.

Are you on the fence about starting writing on Substack?

I`ve been using Substack for more than 13 months now, and through my Substack newsletter, I make more than $3,000 a year.

Two weeks ago I enabled the paid button. :)

What actually is Substack?

Substack is used to write and read email newsletters.

Substack is used by writers to showcase previous emails as online “blog” articles and to send emails to readers.

Using the Substack app or website, readers can view newsletter emails and posts in addition to receiving emails straight to their inbox.

How much does Substack cost?

Both readers and newsletter writers can use Substack for free.

A tiny percentage of subscription fees collected from writers who charge readers are sent to Substack.

It`s 10%.

Is it easy to start a Substack newsletter?

Using Substack is simple for newsletter writers.

With Substack, you don’t need to be a techie to launch a newsletter.

Additionally, adding services like podcasts, videos, streaming, and paid subscriptions is simple too.

On the fence?

I’ve got you covered.

In my latest video, I show you why Substack is worth giving a shot in 2024:

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