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I Miss The Avatars On The Top Of My Feed

  • 2 min read

The setup of our feed has changed. But not for the better.

When you land on Medium, there used to be that bar at the top that showed the writers and publications that had recently published a story.

The avatar with the profile pics had a number by it, telling us how many stories were waiting to be read by us.

You could click them and read their latest writing.

Now, with the new “true follow feed” and the avatars being gone, a lot of writers are missing the old setup.

They miss seeing their favorite writer’s faces and publications.

They feel (me included) that the feed is totally busted.

It’s not working as it’s supposed to.

  • It shows OLDER posts from writers you follow.
  • It does not show the LATEST posts.
  • It shows your OWN stories.
  • It shows stories from people you DON’T follow.

Medium definitely has to tweak it in order to satisfy the community.

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Here’s the story:

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