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I Once Invested a Lot in Social Media. I’m Done With This

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Social media isn’t reliable for part-time writing moms, only this is.

Similar to Kristi Keller I was once a travel blogger.

I had a fiancée, no kids, a well-paying job.

One day my boss said to me:

Why not fly to Paris over the weekend? That’s what my wife and I did when we were your age!

Me, flying to Paris over the weekend?

I didn’t know what to say.

This moment was a turning point in my life.

I asked myself:

Why not? Why not spend the weekend somewhere else?

So within the next years, my husband and I would often fly or drive somewhere and share our stories.

We spent hours looking for the perfect spot, the perfect light, the perfect dress.

Besides Instagram, we also invested a lot of time sweat, and money into Facebook.

We had a press kit where we showed how many followers we had on our socials and how many views on our WordPress blog.

Then in 2020, when my first child was born I started again to invest in social media.

This was Medium. Medium felt different.

However, it’s social media.

You can’t build a business on rented land but you can build an audience.

Fast forward to today, I still invest in social media such as Medium, YouTube, or X, but I do this intentionally. Strategically.

What I love most are all the connections with people around the world.

The community!

However, social media with algorithmic feeds aren’t reliable.

So I started building my reliable blog.

I started to build and grow my own email list.

This felt so good.

I committed to leaving a newsletter per week. If I couldn’t because of my mommy duties, I sent it one or two weeks later

A few weeks back, I reached my milestone of 52 letters. The feeling was amazing.

Instead of growing with a lot of sweat and tears, I decided to go the slow growth route. The route that feels much better and healthier for me.

A route where every connection counts.

Because every person is part of my community.

Every person can read my letter every week and ask me questions.

I’ve helped so many people grow, this feels amazing.

So many people helped me improve my English, learn something new, or showed me their support.

Remember you are not looking for every reader, you are looking for your unique readers.

You don’t want to help hundreds of thousands of people, you can be proud if you help one person a day.

So my advice is:

Instead of growing at all costs, better expand by building a community with a circle of people who love and trust you. It’s worthwhile.

Join my Substack newsletter and my community of 4,000 like-minded people. Change your online writing life for the better. Trust me.

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