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I Wanna Quit Medium!

  • 2 min read

Ever felt like that?

Guess what’s been flooding my inbox for quite a while now?

Messages of confusion, frustration, straight up “I wanna quit Medium!”

Ever felt like that?

We’re all still trying to crack the code on Medium, but things keep changing and changing and changing…!

And let’s be honest with ourselves — that place we spend way too much time on… is causing us a lot of stress.

How dare it!

Let’s tackle the “no one’s seeing my posts anymore” issue in this short post:

I know what it feels like to put something out, and then you hit “refresh” and there are only crickets.

With Medium’s latest (algorithm) changes, I experienced this too.

That’s why I shared 6 (super easy) ways to help your articles get seen:

#6 Tip — Keep on keeping on!


…and have fun!

Learn the other 5 super easy ways:

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