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I Want To Create A Special Community For Medium Writers

  • 2 min read

But Is Facebook still cool?

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I’ve announced starting a Community to help other writers.

Here are some options I have:

  • Slack
  • Discount
  • Podia — that’s the platform where I host my Medium Kickstarter Boot Camp, The Online Course Lab, and offer my freebies
  • … and Facebook.

When I recently told a fellow writer about building my own Medium Community he exclaimed:

You have to do this! It would be so great to ask you questions and connect with others!

Well, in fact, there are several Medium communities on Facebook, of course, mine will be different and a very special experience.

  • I want you to see an epic transformation on your Medium journey.
  • I want you to feel read, seen, and heard.

But could I host it on Facebook?

They say Facebook isn’t cool anymore.

From a marketing perspective I know, everyone is somehow THERE — even the people you think they aren't.

Plus, the social network is still engaged.

Superstars such as podcaster Jenna Kutcher have their own Facebook communities where they go live.

Facebook is still powerful.

I want to take advantage of the fact that most of you have already an account and could easily join once I’ve invited them.

Spoiler alert: When I’ll launch my Community, there will be a lot of surprises (because I love surprises).

Do you think your future self would love to connect with me and many other like-minded people on Facebook? Thanks in advance!

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