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I Want To Make An Experiment And I Need Your Help

  • 1 min read

Publications For Developers Wanted

Within the upcoming weeks, I want to make a little experiment.

My husband is a successful YouTuber and online course instructor.

He received some questions from his 10K subscribers from the software industry about

  • how to promote their work
  • find a job and
  • where to share their knowledge.

And I said:

Medium is the perfect place for them.

So, today, I’m asking all developers on Medium to help me.

  • Which publications do you recommend (for tutorials) and why? — I heard of CodeX and Better Programmer.
  • Did Medium help you to find a job?

The experiment:

Within the upcoming weeks, I want my husband to start writing on Medium.

I want him to reach 100 followers and then earn his first pennies.

I want him to experiment and then share his lessons learned with his community on YouTube & Co.

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