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I Wanted To Become A Top Writer in ‘Short Form’

  • 2 min read

I failed. Learn from my mistakes

In July, I wanted to step on the gas and see what would happen when I write short form posts on a daily basis.

My creative output was around 55 articles!

Within the last few weeks, Medium awarded me Top Writer in ‘Creativity’, ‘This happened to me’, and ‘Social Media’.

But what about ‘Short form’?

To keep it short: I didn’t tag my articles correctly.

  • There are 73 tags that are eligible for the Top Writer badge.
  • With the right tag, you might get hundreds of extra eyes on your articles.
  • It helps Medium’s editors to put your stories in the right category.

What can you learn?

❌I tagged my 55 articles with ‘Short Form’ — WRONG!

✅BETTER! — Tag your articles correctly with ‘Short Story’.

Only this exact tag is eligible for Top Writer status.


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