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I Will Never Let Go Of Your Hands

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…because I want to hold it forever.

Holding hands while walking with my husband makes me feel happy inside. Every time our palms touch, it feels like heaven, and I don’t want this feeling to stop — forever.

Did you know? According to famous yogi Sadhguru, the energy system (yin-yang) finds expression in this part of our body in a unique way.

‘Two palms coming together has more intimacy than the contact of any other parts of the human body.’

Therefore, holding hands can become the most intimate act of love. You can harmonize your energy systems and become one.

You can even practice just for yourself: Let your palms come together in front of your chest. Pay loving attention to the moment and feel a sense of unity within you.

Read more in my latest article😍 🥰 😘:


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