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I Won’t Get Paid by Medium For Being a Publication Owner

  • 2 min read

That’s okay! Here’s why.

Good news!

Medium will pay ALL publication owners and editors in 2023.

However, this announcement comes with a catch.

I’m a publication owner of Online Writing 101 but I won’t get paid.


My publication isn’t open for submissions.

I’m a busy working part-time creator and entrepreneur. I already work my butt off.

At this point (except I hire someone to help me), I can’t add new writers, read and edit their drafts, and schedule posts for publishing.

I want to be my own boss.

However, I appreciate anyone who’s dedicating time to these activities and I’m glad Medium’s subscription-based model will fund those activities (although some think writers will earn less because of this move).

If you say:

“Kristina, I’d love to start my own publication, be open for submissions and earn some good money.”

I created a tutorial on how to create your own publication:

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