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I Write One Article Every Month And Get $2,000 Easily

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Everyone is looking for an easy fast buck, am I right?

I love all those articles claiming they make thousands by only publishing a few times per month.

The writers must think we are all stupid or something.

I guarantee you that their one article per week was not earning $2,000 per month in the beginning.

For sure, there are some writers who brought their own audience from YouTube, Instagram, or Quora but all the others start from scratch.

  • Zero followers.
  • Zero earnings.

Here’s the harsh truth:

Earning money with writing online takes hard consistent work.

You have to publish on a regular basis.

In October 2021, I published around 45 articles. Two-thirds were short form articles since I’m addicted to short form pieces.

I had one long form article which earned around $150 in two weeks and all my other articles (only) made a few bucks meaning $0.15 to $25.

Everyone is looking for an easy fast buck

Dear new writers,

It’s not one article per week or month.

Even legend Tim Denning publishes several times per day.

Hoping to write one article and then go viral is just too risky and frustrating.

Library of published content

If you earn $2,000 with one article you probably have a library of published content that boosts your earnings every month.

screenshot by Kristina God

My earnings are still boosted by the first curated articles about feminism, relationships, and parenting.

All those pennies add up. 😄

If I wouldn’t publish anything, I would still earn around $10 with my library of content — which is two times the membership fee of $5.

Moreover, when a reader becomes a paying member within one month after he has read one of your articles, you earn as well. This can be even $5.

Plus, when you refer a new member, you earn $2 per month too.

1,000+ pieces of content

In my eleven months on Medium, I pumped out 1,000+ pieces so far.

screenshot by Kristina God

Moreover, my personal belief is that Medium’s algorithm rewards quantity.

It’s all about visibility.

This sometimes even tends to trump quality content.

Final Takeaways

New writers,

Don’t believe everything your read without questioning it.

Don’t get discouraged by all the success stories on Medium.

If you want to be a writer, write!

You don’t need to write 1,000 posts as I did but if you want to build traction on Medium or any other writing platform you might need to publish at least two to three times per week.

This tactic helped me to:

As famous Vlogger Casey Neistat tattooed on his forearm: DO MORE!

source: bodyartguru

The easy fast buck is just a lie.

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