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I Wrote 31 Short Form Stories in July — Here’s What Happened

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For instance, I still made $$$

The moment I became pregnant I knew I’d need to hit pause on writing for a while.

I megabatch-created stories for Medium.

July, I went on maternity leave, I submitted 31 short stories to “The Shortform” which were scheduled for publishing.

A few days ago, I checked my stats with my newborn taking a nap in my arms.

Although I couldn't be really active on Medium,…

I made $480 USD in July.

Here’s what I made with my 31 short form stories:

$123 USD.

  • My best-performing personal story made $24.
  • … Medium’s Boost made $16.
  • … Substack made $11.
  • … marketing made $9.

I tell ya, all those short form dollars add up.

So if you want to take a break from writing this summer or want to go on parental leave, it’s worthwhile to batch create short form stories.

Learn more about the power of batch creating!

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