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I Wrote An Article a Day for More Than 365 Days

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From zero to audience — my content library is filled to the brim

When I started writing on Medium, my husband told me to monetize my content from the start.

He was already a successful online creator and told me that making money online just felt different.

It was a mental unlock.

After I made my first dollar online, I was never the same.

It showed me what was possible.

To date, I’ve written about 1,700 articles on Medium.

I wrote an article a day for more than 365 days.

The plan was never for me to write more than 365 days at a time.

The plan was for me to write one day and then the next.

Remember, it’s just small baby steps.

Especially when you have a family, work, and other things…. don’t be too hard on yourself.

I look at writing as a therapy that helps me feel better.

I hope this story gives you a kick in the pants!

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