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If You Can Earn $0.15, You Can Earn $150 For One Single Story Too

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I’ve made it and so can you. Scale happens in steps

Recently Burk published an interesting piece about Top Writer Sinem Günel:

You know how you know that you’ve made it on Medium?

I’ll tell you.

You’ve made it when you write 1 single story in a month (September in this instance) and still make over $2500.

Well, Sinem has 41K followers and put a lot of effort into growing her online business together with her partner.

Sinem is smart.

Medium is just one of her ten income streams!

At the beginning of this year, she made a $100k profit in one single month. That’s impressive, isn’t it?

Still, you and me, we’re not Sinem.

But we love to write, to earn money with our writing, and to scale our business, don’t we?

Sinem also started with zero earnings

When Sinem started her journey on Medium she also started with:

  • zero follower
  • zero earnings
  • zero views

Look where Sinem is now!

We all start at the same point and we are all able to grow and build an online business we‘re passionate about.

My story made $150 within one month

I’m a small fish in the pond, but let’s take me as an example:

After publishing around 270 stories on Medium (most of them short form) I started seeing success on Medium in regard to earnings.

For the first time, I’ve made $150+ with one single story in ILLUMINATION within one month!

screenshot by Kristina God

Here’s my popular article:

My mantra

The small earnings provide you with proof of concept so anything is possible.

  • If you can make $0.15 you can make $1.5
  • If you can make $1.5 you can make $15.
  • If you can make $15 you can make $150.
  • If you can make $150 you can make $1,500.
  • and so on!

Within 10+ months I’ve somehow ‘scaled’ my ‘business’ from…

  • zero followers to around 1.8K
  • zero earnings to around $500
  • zero views to around 30k

Final Takeaways

It can be hard to keep trying to share your stories online when you get zero views and only receive pennies for your beautiful writing.

I wanted to tell you about my small success. I’m sure you can get your best results too.

Scalability means little steps.

No matter where you are on your writing journey play the long game and with time you’ll see big rewards.

You can scale your business — step by step!

Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

© Kristina God

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