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If You Feel Inferior, Read This

  • 2 min read

It’s possible to squash the inferiority complex

Our inner critic is our worst enemy.

This voice inside our heads telling us…

  • You’re not good enough
  • You need to prove you’re an expert. You’re not a real one, are you?
  • Why should others read my work?
  • Others are better than me.

This voice isn’t healthy but it’s a natural feeling.

Possessing an inferiority complex is surprisingly common

But did you know it’s possible to squash it?

You can do something about it.

The answer is self-compassion.

Did you make a mistake? No biggie!

Ask yourself:

What did I learn?

Most failures are teaching us valuable life lessons.

We all make mistakes. There is no such thing as a life without mistakes.

Be a little bit nicer to yourself and help yourself by being self-compassionate.

Forgive yourself and move on to the next thing!

That’s just one tip I have for you, there’s more to explore:


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