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If You Feel Stuck It’s Likely You’re On A Cow Path

  • 2 min read

Don’t trust the voice in your head.

  • I don’t think I can do this
  • This isn’t working
  • I’m not worth it

If this sounds familiar “Mind Your Mindset” by Michael Hyatt is for you.

I learned that our brain hosts a network of neurons that’s bigger than the Milky Way. In fact, there are 100 trillion neural connections.

In his new book, Hyatt teaches us how to create new and better neural connections and get rid of the old ones that keep us stuck.

If you feel confined, it’s often because you’re traveling along a “cow path”.

The cow path is all the stories we’re telling ourselves every single day.

The cow path is the unquestioned way in which we think and behave.

In fact, neuroscience research has shown that about 20% of our memories are false. Even crazier, up to 70% are distorted in some way.

Read the whole exciting story now:

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