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If You Hit Publish on Medium for The First Time, Use This Tag To Be Seen

  • 2 min read

Most writers dunno about this tag that makes them more visible.

When you hit the publish button for the very first time, there’s one specific tag (=keyword, label) you should use.

In 2021, Medium shared a roundup of first-time Medium writers in Medium’s official blog called ‘Creators Hub’ where the team promotes new writers.

For newbies, Medium has a special offer to be highlighted and promoted automatically:

By adding the tag #Hello World to your post, your work may be included in a future roundup by Medium too.

What’s a tag?

When you publish a post on Medium, you can add tags (=labels) to your post that describe what your post is about.

You can write whatever you think describes your post.

Medium uses these labels to inform their algorithms for showing content and organizing it.

Additionally, the tag makes it easy for everyone to find stories from brand-new Medium writers.

Learn more and get promoted:

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