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If You Read a Poem the Right Way, It Feels Like Going on an Adventure

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April is Poetry Month!

Medium is celebrating this special month by recommending poetry writers on Medium.

I found Emily Stoddard’s “How to Read a Poem” which helps us make reading a poem an adventure:

1 Be a word explorer

Just like meeting new friends, reading poems helps us find a connection with the words.

Try to understand what the poem says and how it makes you feel.

2 Take it slow

Don’t rush through the poem.

Read it slowly and let the words work their magic on you.

3 Be curious

Ask yourself what’s happening in it.

You don’t have to find out what everything means right away.

Just enjoy the words and let them surprise you.

4 Read the poem again

Sometimes, reading a poem more than once helps us understand it better.

You can even read it aloud or use a pencil to underline your favorite words.

More tips?

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