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If You Receive This Specific Notification From Medium It’s a Really Big Deal

  • 2 min read

Engagement is the key to success

Most writers don’t know this notification:

is definitely worth celebrating.


Fans really matter on Medium

What are fans?

Fans = users who clap for your story

My story, Twitter Will Shut Down Revue — What You Need To Know… just reached its next milestone.

50 fans = 50 unique users who clapped for my story. It doesn’t matter if they clapped once or 50x. It only matters that they clapped.

If Medium’s algorithm recognizes this high level of engagement, it pushes your story and boosts it.

This boost is awesome because it helps you get your next 100 fans.

You can even get 500 fans!

The sky is the limit.

I always do my happy dance when I see this notification on Medium or in my emails.

It’s a really big deal and it’s worth celebrating.

Here’s all you need about the importance of fans on Medium:


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