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If You Want to Get Boosted, You Should Stop Writing Short Form Stories

  • 2 min read

Medium’s new Boost rewards longer, more in-depth stories

“(H)istorically many of Medium’s most substantive and valuable posts are 10-minute+ read…”, shared Ariel Meadow Stallings who is responsible for Medium’s new Boost Program recently.

Based on the Boosted stories I’ve seen so far I also recommend writing longer stories.

I know that many writers felt pressured to write shorter posts because readers are goldfish with very short attention spans nowadays.

Most of my followers love my short and sweet posts and thank me for teasing my long form articles so they can decide whether to take the time or not. Many also want to avoid reading 5-minute-plus posts.

However, the Boost rewards longer, more in-depth stories.

So I’d recommend (if you can *make* the time) to rather stick to making much longer articles that are going very deep and wide than making 1 or 2-minute long articles.

What do you think?

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