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If You Want To Increase Your Views, THIS Is What You Need To Do

  • 2 min read

Yesterday, a new writer reached out to me and told me that his views went down.

He was frustrated and was looking for some advice to skyrocket his views.

Indeed, the algorithm is sluggish in summer.

Here’s a simple technique you can use if you’re after the views (but it comes with a catch!):

As you can see from my featured image, I wrote a story about singer and songwriter Kate Bush and her single Running Up That Hill.

It was the second time on my Medium journey that I’ve tagged #Music.

Immediately, I became a Top Writer in this category.


Because my story belongs to the best on the Medium network this month and year.

I followed my own advice and used a timely news hook to skyrocket my views.

But here’s the catch:

It’s not about the views on Medium!

It’s about the Total Member Reading Time.

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