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If You Want To Write About Medium, There’s One Specific Publication You Need To Know

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It’s hungry for more

Medium’s new CEO doesn’t like it, but meta stories are trending.

Meta stories are stories about Medium.

They are helpful and valuable, especially if you’re first starting out because, unfortunately, Medium doesn’t offer this ONE place where new writers can find all the information they need.

That’s why I recently suggested opening a new publication called “Better Medium” where you could find all the information you needed. But that’s another story.

If you have something exciting to share…

…about Medium, there’s this one publication I recommend you check out: Feedium.

Its owner is J.J. Pryor. He’s funny and smart and knows what people are hungry for fresh nuggets of information about Medium’s lastest changes and updates.

Oh, and you’ll find my stories over there too!

Go check out FEEDIUM for more:


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