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If You Want To Write About Reading And Books, Join These 3 Publications

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Share your book reviews, recommendations, and thoughts.

One of my writer's friends and former boot camper Linda Locke loves reading.

Me too.

But as soon as you become a mother you don’t have time to actually read a book and cuddle on the couch anymore.

Once I realized this harsh truth about being a new mom I joined audible.

Instead of stress eating and crying, I now listen to my favorite authors such as Mel Robbins Seth Godin or Gabby Bernstein, and many others.

Recently, I listened to ‘It’s Great to Suck at Something: The Exceptional Benefits of Being Unexceptional’ by Karen Rinaldi and thought to myself:

Why not publish a review! But where?

Here are my 3 favorites:

Do you know other publications for book reviews or recommendations?

Here’s my review in Books Are Our Superpower:

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