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If You Write On Medium, You Can Also Self-Publish An eBook On Gumroad

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All of your posts are the beginning of your eBook. It’s the fast track to building a brand and making some extra cash.

You’ve already started writing on Medium. — Congratulations!

You’ve already started sharing the stories that matter to you. — Congratulations!

Did you know that you’re only one step away from self-publishing your ebook?

Don’t worry about where. It’s pretty simple.


What’s Gumroad?

Gumroad for Medium Writers

Gumroad is a self-publishing digital marketplace.

  • You can sell any digital product you want.
  • There’s no monthly fee.
  • The more you sell, the less you pay as you can see below:
Gumroad Pricing
Gumroad Pricing

How to create an ebook on Gumroad?

  1. Select the stories from your Medium library and put them into Google Docs*. (*Google Docs, Word, and Pages = free software to use)
Exacmple Google Docs for Gumroad

2. Use Google Docs to export your text as a PDF.

3. Create a cover via Canva (I know Linda Locke will love it! She’s a big Canva fan.) and merge the PDFs.

Example Canva Cover for Gumroad

4. Set up your Gumroad profile.

5. Upload the ebook and write the sales page.

6. Put a price tag on it or offer your ebook for free as a lead magnet(=in exchange for an email address to grow your email list).

See! Getting an ebook online through Gumroad is pretty simple.

6 reasons why it’s smart to self-publish on Gumroad?

Let me give you 6 reasons:

  1. You can showcase your work.
  2. You can repurpose your Medium stories and compile them into a book.
  3. If you write about a specific topic, for instance, parenting, it’s a great success to hold your first own ebook in your hands.
  4. It doesn’t have to take you years to write an ebook, just be strategic when you write on Medium.
  5. You can build a brand, a reputation, and credibility.
  6. You can earn some extra cash to fund your work.

All of your posts could be the beginning of your book, don’t you think?

Example from Medium Top Writer Niharikaa

How To Upgrade Your Life With Side Hustles and Make Money Online Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi
Gumroad page Niharikaa

My friend Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi is on Gumroad too.

She has created an ebook called ‘How To Upgrade Your Life With Side Hustles and Make Money Online’ which you can download for free on her sales page.

Niharikaa made this eBook with Pages (only for Mac users) and Canva.

Homepage from Pages

Niharikaa offers her ebook for free

Niharikaas Ebook has 70+ pages and is inspired by her previously published Medium articles.

As I said in the beginning, I don’t have a Mac so I use Google Docs in combination with Canva to create ebooks.

Niharikaas example shows even if you offer a digital product for free on Gumroad you can ask the customer to name a fair price and pay some bucks for it!

That’s very clever too.

Tech example from Gumroad: The Good Parts of AWS

The Good Parts of AWS
sales page of The Good Parts of AWS

Gumroad’s Head of Product, Daniel Vassallo, wrote an eBook with Josh Pschorr, called The Good Parts of AWS.

This book is for developers and everyone who knows what AWS means 😄.

AWS = Amazon Web Services

It has 170+ pages and by clicking on this link you can read a sample from the book to get a sense of an ebook written in Google Docs or Word.

Final Takeaways


Without knowing it, you’ve already started writing your eBook. That’s awesome.

Depending on the area of your interest (for instance Parenting, Self Help, Politics, Cooking, Nature, Travel…) you can compile your top-performing stories or those you care the most about in an eBook.

You can create it.

You sell /or offer it as a lead magnet (a free service that you give away for the purpose of gathering email addresses) on Gumroad.

Let me know once you’ve published your first eBook or another digital product on Gumroad.

© Kristina God

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