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If You’re a Medium Writer, You Can Also Be Successful on YouTube

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Insider tips from a successful YouTuber who grew from zero to 25,000 subscribers within a year.

I’m always amazed by the power of practice.

It excites me to see the results jump each time I try something new and keep at it.

If you’ve experienced this for yourself in regard to writing, you could also experience this in regard to creating video content.


You need to be a good writer if you want to be successful on YouTube.

My husband and YouTuber Patrick God has grown his YouTube channel from zero to 31,000 subscribers and around 1,5M annual views in around a year.

If you compare his first video

…with one of his latest videos

you’ll see that his content got so much better over time.


He never did this when he started but now he is *writing* video scripts.

If you’re looking to start a successful channel, Patrick recommends making writing video scripts the foundation of your business.

The success of any YouTube channel is based on good writing.

Why you’re missing out when you don’t use a script

❌If you have no script, it can get very muddy.

❌You keep going back and forth on the same point. You’re repeating the same things.

❌There’s no real structure your audience can follow. They stop watching your video and move on.

❌The same goes for writing an article on Medium. If you can’t hook your audience and make them keep reading… your reading time will be pretty low.

And you get paid for reading time! So you’re missing out!

On YouTube, once you’ve 1,000 subscribers, you can start monetizing your channel. Then you get paid for watch time by Google AdSense.

Insider tips from YouTuber Patrick God

Patrick recommends planning the videos beforehand.

Here’s the simple 3-step-structure he follows in his videos:

1 — Introduction with hook: you need to set up a very short and sweet teaser for the video or just jump right in.

2 — Middle with relevant information: share the key points you want to bring across.

3 — Conclusion with a short recap and link to other videos: instead of saying: “this is the end of the video…” link to another video by saying “to learn more watch this…” (Derek Reinhard asked me about this).

How can you make your audience watch more?

In the introduction, you can show them all the cool stuff that’s coming up in the video as a highlight reel or jump right into the good stuff.

Similar to writing on Medium, it’s important to engage your audience from the start.

✅In fact, the more minutes people read your stories, the better. On your Stats page, you can check the “read ratio”.

example of great read ratio on stats page

Everything beyond 40% is good!

The same goes for YouTube. There it’s the retention rate. Everything beyond 30% is good.

You need a 30% retention rate if you want to be suggested by YouTube.

The more minutes people actually watch your video on YouTube, the better.

Let’s say you create a video that is ten minutes long and people only spend one minute watching it.

What does this tell the algorithm?

“Meh! It’s not that relevant and good.”

Watch time is the biggest metric to be successful.

Let’s say people watch your video for eight minutes.

That’s what the algorithm *thinks*:

“Wohooo! This video seems to be interesting. Let me promote it further!”

Example from a successful Medium writer on YouTube:

Robert Ralph, owner of the publication “New Writers Welcome” has two channels. This is one of them:

New Writers Welcome — Robert Ralph

Bottom line

If you want to start a YouTube channel in 2023, the best thing you can do is to write clean and concise video scripts.

Similar to when you’re writing online, you want your content to flow seamlessly.

Plus, a nicely structured and engaging video will make people become your subscribers.

✅If you’re already a good writer, you can absolutely be a good video creator too. You have all the skills you need to be successful.

The power of practice will help you to get better and better.

Are you already on YouTube? Share your channel in the comments!

Oh, have you visited my brand-new YouTube channel yet?

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