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I’ll Add Other Socials To The Mix Soon — Although Medium is Working Very Well For Me

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I’m so excited and I want the same for you.

Medium is working for me.

It’s my #1 platform.

I put a lot of energy, effort, and time to master writing on Medium…

and teaching others to earn money on Medium as well.

Nevertheless, there are two specific rules in the online world I really find valuable:

  • Don’t make yourself a victim of the algorithm.


You need social media to build an audience.

You need it to build an email list that you own.

The way I use Medium is that I see it as a way to add people to my email list.

Medium helps me to engage with my audience.

To listen more than I talk and to really understand my reader’s needs, pain points, and desires.

Still, I’ll add other socials to the mix soon!

Why will I add other socials to the mix?

My audience is not only on Medium.

People who want to earn money online, learn the game of online writing, and how to promote themselves, are everywhere.

Additionally, people have been isolated for so long that they want to connect with you where they are.

It’s very noisy out there. I don’t want to get lost in the mix.

I’m not creating content just to be another voice in the sea of online voices.

I want to make a difference and build a network of like-minded people.

I want to learn more and build relationships.

It’s a very special time right now.

Connecting is easier than ever.

Besides using Twitter to amplify my reach and stories, I’ll soon show myself on video — meaning YouTube (and TikTok).

Why TikTok and YouTube?

  • On TikTok, there are so many great accounts. Some of them are blowing up. Recently I shared, the costal grandma trend coming from TikTok.

During the last past few weeks, I’ve shared a lot of stories about these video platforms.

Video is definitely where it’s at.

You know that feeling of excitement you get before starting something new?

The can’t wait, so motivated, jittery kind of excitement?

Yes, of course, I’m a little bit afraid to leave my comfort zone and show up on video.

Well, I’ve had that feeling for MONTHS preparing the content ideas.

When was the last time you felt excited?

It’s been a while?!

Well, this is why I want to make sure you take full advantage of all the opportunities available to you!

Here’s some orientation of the social media sphere out there:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Simily
  • HubPages
  • NewsBreak
  • Vocal
  • Quora
  • TikTok
  • YouTube

My recommendation, go deep with one and add another!

© Kristina God

Which platform are you already on & which one do you want to add to the mix?

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