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I’m a Different Kind of Digital Nomad

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My pre-pandemic vs. my post-pandemic work life

My pre-pandemic work life looked like this: wake up, drive to the office, open my laptop, drink a cup of coffee and eat a banana, start working until 6 or 9 pm.

The post-pandemic work life looks like this: wake up, eat breakfast with my family, bring my children to kindergarten, open my laptop, start working, take a lot of healthy breaks, eat lunch with my hubby, and work till 2 pm.

What has changed?


As a digital nomad, my home is my office.

I don’t have to drive to the office anymore. I can work from anywhere in the world.

Since I have a lot of responsibilities my motto isn't “Live, Laugh, Wanderlust”.

I don’t travel the world as most digital nomads do. I live on a beautiful island with my family.

I live and I laugh a lot!

Ready to *jump* into a new life?

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