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I’m A Featured Top 5 Writer In #Social Media

  • 2 min read

Small wins are crucial and need to be celebrated.

To be honest, I have so many Top Writer badges that I don’t count them anymore because I have better things to do.

Ego is the enemy, am I right?

However, today a student shared with me that he saw me on the tag page #Social Media with legend Tim Denning.

Tim Denning is everywhere so that wasn’t a surprise. If you become a Top 5 writer chances are high Tim is there too. lol.

What I love is that there’s another female voice in the ranking:

Rosalyn Morris.

She writes for instance about TikTok.

I love to keep you posted on the latest news and trends on Medium, YouTube, Vocal, Twitter, and new opportunities to write online.

Are you also a Top Writer in a specific category you love writing about?

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